Photo 10: Dry river bed





Photo 11: Old women is carrying water





Photo 12: Dust devil


























Nothing is more important than rain. As the Arbore describe it: when the rain comes the earth suddenly changes its face...

The rainy seasons are called guh and hegai. Guh, the big rain, is from March to May. It is said to be like a man – reliable, powerful and steady. The Woito fills up with muddy water and floods the fields. That’s why April is called the month of black water, bice woatt.

In contrast hegai, the small rain, is like a woman, because it does what it wants. Sometimes hegai gives much more water than the strong man, sometime only a few drops. Or it can be anything in between.

The dry seasons between the rains only have one name: maar, hunger. The ground cracks, and sand devils rush over the lowlands again and again. The grass is withered and the herdsmen have to go a long way with their herds to find green grass. The river is dried up. The Arbore scrape holes in the ground. Firstly 50 centimetres deep, than 2, 3 or 4 meters, to get water for themselves and their flocks.