Findings and views


About the everyday life, the symbolic, getting married, dying, pain, morality and FGC

Calendar Arbore 2000

Photographs and texts from their everyday life, 2000

Paths in Serree

Beginning and Ending in Arbore, 2015

Wege im Serree

Anfang und Ende in Arbore, 2015

Wild times, wild cultures?

Comparative reflections from field research in Ethiopia, 2013

Wilde Zeiten, Wilde Kulturen?

Vergleichende Betrachtungen aus Feldforschungen in Äthiopien, 2013

No Pain no Gain

Improving social opportunities by bearing pain, 2003

Marriage is like a battle

Everyday and ritual meaning of blood in Arbore, 2007

Burial places

Nomads in Ethiopia, 2004


Social Structures of the Ritual - Consistency and Change, 2020


Researcher, Observer, Narrator